Data Analysis & Visualization with Power BI

Utilize Microsoft Power BI as a primary tool for data preprocessing, visualization, and analysis.

Estimated Time
14 weeks
At 10 hours/week

May 16, 2024
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Learners should have prior knowledge in

● Basic Excel knowledge (functions and tables) 
● Basics of spreadsheets and visualization
● Basic data visualization
● Basic data analysis

Data Analysis & Visualization with Power BI

Master Microsoft Power BI to improve your skills in data preprocessing, visualization, and analysis. Our training program covers how to connect Power BI with various data sources, and process and transform data for reporting and visualization. You will learn to create visually appealing data presentations that tell a story and follow the best design practices. Gain valuable insights from dashboards and visualizations that will enable informed business decisions

Prerequisite knowledge

This is an introductory program and has no prerequisites. In order to succeed, Learners should have prior knowledge of Basic Excel (functions and tables), basic data visualization and basic data analysis.

In a perfect world, every BI professional would be able to rely on a pristine data warehouse and enterprise-level data models to easily build and deploy reliable data models — but where do you even start when the data you need for a single report lives in a bunch of different files and software systems?

Learn how to carry Microsoft Power BI beyond mere bar charts and transform their reports into data exploration & storytelling tools that companies can use to better understand their data

You will focus on the techniques and skills needed for data analysis in Microsoft Power BI. The course is centered around building a strong foundation and intuition of analytics so that you can take your skills beyond simply aggregating data in Microsoft Power BI and into the realm of statistics, forecasting, and strategy

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Who Can Apply?

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Age 18 years
and above


Saudi Citizens across Saudi Arabia


Minimum of High School OR Diploma

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