BSF Intro to Financial Sustainability

This scholarship program aims at helping Saudis gain all the necessary information to handle their financials like pros! It is all about diving into the basics of finance and learning how to budget, invest wisely, and keep your wealth safe. By the end of the program, learners will have the confidence to make smart choices that match their big financial dreams. Plus, it is totally fully-funded.

Estimated Time
3~4 weeks
5~8 hours/week

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Enrollment Procedure

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What You Will Learn

BSF Intro to Financial sustainability program provides you with foundational financial knowledge. The course will introduce you to the basic principles of budgeting, credit, and investments to help you manage your personal finances effectively. We’ll also explore exciting new technologies disrupting the world of finance such as blockchain

Create a financial budget based on the requirements, constraints, and aspirations by evaluating a given scenario.   

  • Identify the steps necessary for establishing and maintaining personal bank accounts by reviewing bank requirements.
  • Assess the appropriate type of personal banking account(s) needed based on the requirements of a given use case.
  • Evaluate how the personal credit score may be impacted by financing decisions, based on given scenarios.
  • Compare basic investing options available to new investors.

Identify some of the new technologies that are impacting the future of personal finance

Identify basic benefits of blockchain technology from a selection of features.

Benefits of enrolling in BSF Intro to Financial Sustainability program.

Financial Experience

Gain the Financial Literacy knowledge and skills needed to make important financial decisions and have the ability to understand and effectively use various financial skills, including personal financial management, budgeting, banking and investing.

Learn at your own pace

Achieve your goals at your convenience with flexible online learning that enables you to learn at your own pace.

Cutting-edge content

Keep yourself in charge of managing your finances and earnings by staying up to date with the latest information on investment opportunities.

Who Can Apply?


Age 18 years
and above


Saudi Citizens across Saudi Arabia


Minimum of High School OR Diploma


English Proficiency

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